Aphrodite – March 2017

Chiana or chi-chi as we call her affectionately (fka Aphrodite) is doing really well.  She is a smart girl and a fast learner.  She did very well in her first obedience class and now sits and lays down for treats like a pro. She gets along very well with our other fur babies and even plays with our rescue kitten Dargo very gently, they have a cool little relationship going on there.

She has become very close friends with my daughter and is even a good listener with her (and my daughter is only 5).  Chiana is also a bit of a daddy’s girl now as my husband works nights so he is home with her all day and they are cuddle buddies.

She is definitely adjusted and happy but that being said she is still skittish and wary of new people and new experiences.  There is no mistaking she is a rescue dog and has some deeply engrained fears from being a street dog as a baby.  We keep working with her to try and build her confidence and hope that in time these reactions and behaviors will diminish.

Thank you for the opportunity to give this loving girl a safe home.

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