Forever Home Success Stories


Chewy – February 2017

I have been meaning to send you update photos of Oaklee (fka Chewy). He is doing very well and has been such a joy in our home. As you may know he just celebrated his birthday last month. He is about 65 pounds now, high energy and very compassionate. He loves playing in the snow […]


Abel – February 2017

Abel is wonderful; he fits right in. He went to meet his vet last week, he did really well. Doc checked his skin (itchy)and it looks good. Doc gave him a special mousse for any hot spots, I really haven’t had to use it much. He gets brushed every day, and I think it helps. […]


Sunflower – January 2017

Miss Gypsy Rose (fka Sunflower) recently celebrated her Number “1” birthday. She has become a very sweet, gentle and forever playful dog. Gypsy is at home in the lake, the river or just running and playing with her “big” sister. We walk every day, often twice a day. In the meantime she has the back yard […]


Percy – January 2017

Percy is happy in his new home. I call him my Mississippi orphan.


Rex – January 2017

Hello! Just a quick update on Rask (formerly Rex), now that it’s been a little over six weeks. Our little boy weighed in at 30 pounds at his vet visit this past week, and is looking oh so grown up now that he’s started to lose his puppy fluff (he’s also losing his puppy teeth!). […]


Sally – January 2017

We have had Cookie (fka Sally) for 3 months now! Cookie is a truly amazing dog. There is no sweeter, more attentive, happy, loving dog on earth! Cookie lives to please and play. She is incredibly intelligent and learned within days to sit, stay, and come. Cookie loves to be loved on, thinks everyone she […]


Zeus – January 2017

Hello all-thought I would share a picture of our dog Zeus.  We adopted him from Almost Home Rescue in September 2012.  He is a much loved member of our family.  He is 11 and a half; will be 12 in June.  He still has lots of peppiness in his step-especially loves to play in the […]


Blaze – December 2016

We just wanted to send a photo along and say thank you and happy holidays! Thanks to you, Bentley (formerlly Blaze- adopted in November 2016) is enjoying his first of many Christmases in his forever home being spoiled by family and friends! He is doing great! Loves to run, play and cuddle up for a […]


Skipper – December 2016

This is a photo of Dallas (fka Skipper) at a fundraiser for a local shelter, he’s such a happy snuggly boy these days. He’s up to 56lbs and growing everyday. These days he loves playing at the park, hikes and the snow! He loves to try and catch the snowflakes as they fall. Dally was […]


Raven – December 2016

Here is our beautiful Lily (fka Raven) at 1 year old.She is such a great dog.