Forever Home Success Stories


Lola – December 2017

I can’t believe that we adopted Lola over 6 months ago! I wanted to pass along our traditional holiday “family” photo.


Diesel – December 2017

Diesel is doing great, he is such a well-behaved dog! His vet check-up went very well, he is a healthy boy! Everyone comments on how relaxed he is for his age, we truly are blessed to have found this boy. He’s been doing excellent on his leash and very well bathroom breaks, we’ve only had […]


Nova – November 2017

We’re all doing so well and Abigail (fka Nova) is pretty much the perfect dog. Has some pretty serious fears of humans but we go to an off lead dog park in Portland and she’s coming around slowly. Getting along with the cats, all shots are up to date. She enjoys the vet. Probably just […]


Hickory – November 2017

Whiskey (fka Hickory) Everything is going really well here! Obviously it’s chaotic with 3 dogs but I think Whiskey is the best fit we could have gotten for our family. He’s doing well with being crated and we’ve been doing daily training sessions. I’ve attached a few pictures of the three as well! Thank you […]


Larry – November 2017

Larry is doing awesome! He is a wonderful companion. Definitely food motivated! A bit of a struggle to keep him from eating things he should not but we are trending the right way. He has behaved beautifully​ in a large number of situations. And seems to enjoy our active life. I would say that it […]


Elsa – November 2017

We love Elsa and can’t even remember what our life was like before we had her! Here are a few photos. She is doing great! She loves to hike, is very good mannered and smart.


Claire – October 2017

We are loving having Claire in our family. She truly is an awesome dog and I can’t imagine a better match. We’ve visited North Deering Veterinarians and they gave her their healthy pup stamp of approval! She is very sweet and loves coming to work with me in the mornings. (Photo below of her “office […]


Blaze – October 2017

Bentley (fka Blaze) is doing amazing.  He recently got his therapy dog certification!!! We are so proud of him. Here are some photos from 1 year ago and now. The ones with the stuffed shark are from the night we got and 1 year later! He has grown so much!!  


Scoop – October 2017

Charlie (fka Scoop) I can’t believe it’s been a whole year with Charlie! It seems not too long ago we were anxiously driving to pick him up, and drove home with a sweet but nervous pup. Charlie has stolen our hearts (and a sizable amount of our bed) since then. He hit it off immediately […]


Penny – October 2017

Penny has been an absolute joy in our lives.  We adopted her about two and a half years ago in February 2015 in Maine, and have had several adventures since then. When we first adopted Penny she was a very timid and fearful, but very sweet pup. She has been a great listener from the […]