Lady – August 2017


This month, Lady and I celebrate our 4th year as human-canine companions!  Lady hails from Southern Pines Animal Shelter.  She is a Chi/Rat Terrier Mix.  Lady was three-years-old when adopted in August, 2013 as a result of my holding her for hours at Dock Dogs Event in Scarborough, Maine.

Lady weighs approximately 15 pounds, and is a sweet dog for the most part.  Lady likes to please me and I give her lots of affirmation and pats as she is an affectionate and loving dog.

Lady loves all the attention I shower upon her.  We have been going for walks 4 times a day and Lady is exploring more and more. She is calmer and less anxious.  On Fridays, Lady spends the day with other canines (while I am working).   The dog trainer, Sherry Britton, from Pet Positive picks her up in the morning and brings her home late afternoon, Lady is getting along just great with other canines and people she meets.  I am also helping Lady to be less anxious around dogs on our street.  We ask to walk along with owners and their dogs (side-by-side) and this calms Lady down.  I got that training technique from Judy Moore.

All in all, Lady who is now 7 years-old, is doing very well.  She continues to be an affectionate dog and loves to sleep under the covers.  We have established great communication over the past four years.  Yes, she has trained me very well.

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