Benji – October 2017


Buddy (fka Benji)

It is difficult indeed to believe that two weeks ago today, I received a morning email from you letting us know that the special pup we held out for as actually going to be ours. We knew others were interested and that our chances were not awesome…. and it was kind of ludicrous since we hadn’t even met this dog…. but we wanted to get a “no” on him before we looked elsewhere.  We were very pleasantly surprised when you said yes. Furthermore, I have been even more thrilled at how well Buddy as adjusted and merged right into our family!

He has bonded to us so well. At first, my 8-1/2-year-old son was a little discouraged since Buddy seemed more attached to me….. but we kept putting the crate in his room at night and letting him do all the feedings.

I am happy to report that Buddy is a quick learner!  He’s doing great with recall/targeting and has “sit” down pat.  We’ll be moving on to more commands this week!

Buddy has so much love to give.  I’ve never seen a furry friend so trusting and chill.  Even the vet and vet tech told us, “You know you’re really lucky, right?  This dog is so accepting!”  Buddy loves his new dog bed in the living room, but he also LOVES laps and to be held.  He will sleep on his BACK on our laps…. with four furry feet sticking straight up in the air!  He will also sleep cradled in your arms  (in like a baby position).  When I go home from work to give him bathroom and exercise breaks, he likes to be picked up and held before he does his business.

There has been ZERO aggression with food or toys or anything.  It’s a breeze to trim his nails.

Buddy rides in the car to/from places around town and to drop off and pick up my son from school.  He stays in the crate while I’m at work, but I walk home and give several breaks.  He had a little bit of separation anxiety at first, but seems so much more chill now.  He’s just settling into the routine. He’s easy to wear out with short walks and playing in the house.  Then, he takes big naps.  He’s perfect for us….. easy to get his exercise in, yet snuggly when he’s tired!

Seriously, Nylah, did we just totally luck out?  Are all rescue dogs this full of love?  This is amazing!  We feel so fortunate!

My parents are in their late 70s…. and they are LOVING Buddy so much. We try to help Mom and Dad by having them for a dinner 2-3 nights a week…. and Dad always sits down and picks up Buddy.  He’s bonded with them too.  I’ve attached a picture of Buddy sleeping on my Dad.  I really think it’s been therapeutic for Dad.

Anyway, thank you, thank you, thank you….. for letting us adopt this precious pup.  He’s so fun and full of love.  He’s been a blessing to all of us! Oh and he ADORES children!  Whenever we’re in public, he wants to be near the kids!

Enjoy the attached pictures.  (PS – In the one picture, the stick is ONLY in Buddy’s mouth, not my son’s — I promise!  Ha ha.)

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