Hobby – September 2017


Sadie (fka Hobby) and I completed the Manners class with Nancy and we just began Nancy’s Therapy Dog Training Prep class this week. So, yes, a positive experience for both of us. We will see where it leads us. Our biggest hurdle will be curtailing her jumping. Tough one!

We hope to stop by the reunion at some point tomorrow. I think Sadie will love it. She had fun at Pet Rock at the Park a couple of weeks ago. She really enjoys meeting new people and dogs.

Here is a pic of Sadie from about a month ago. I think her big smile says it all! 🙂 We have a lot of fun together. And, when I was really sick for several days, she hung out quietly with me (even though I knew she would have preferred romping around at the park)! She is just so sweet!

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