Penny – October 2017

Penny has been an absolute joy in our lives.  We adopted her about two and a half years ago in February 2015 in Maine, and have had several adventures since then. When we first adopted Penny she was a very timid and fearful, but very sweet pup. She has been a great listener from the start, and is extremely loyal and affectionate.

She had a rough start before she was rescued in Mississippi. She was found wandering in the woods as a 2-3 month old puppy with 30-40 pellets in her after being shot, and a severe case of hookworm.  She was nursed back to health and transported up to Maine where we were so fortunate to find her.

Despite the abuse she experienced as a puppy, she has bounced back and is better than ever!  After we had her for a little less than a year, we adopted a husky-lab named Indy and she has found her best friend ever since. She loves running around the yard with him, snuggling, and sitting at the front window guarding her house.  Her favorite place is cuddling between her skin mom and dad and getting pets from all sides!

My husband and I took jobs out in Oregon in the past year and moved across the country. Penny takes long walks at the dog park, hikes with us, and loves swimming in the river.  She has come out of her shell so much and loves running around with her toys and burying them in different spots of the backyard.  She is a great helper in the garden!

Thank you so much to the dedicated volunteers and staff at AHR; we cannot adequately express our gratitude for all the work you do, including finding us one incredible girl.  She is forever our lucky Penny!

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