Barkley – January 2018


Opie (fka Barkley)

Opie is doing amazing, he loves loves loves the snow and playing in it!! Also tends to eat poopcicles 🤨
He currently does not need a leash when outside, he knows his treat routine when coming into the house, he will walk around the house with his bone in his mouth for hours and will drop it on the floor every 2 minutes (we have come to the conclusion he doesn’t want to play and likes the noise of the toy banging on the floor) he doesn’t tend have the best manners (he will walk up to us and either burp or fart then walk away) he loves to sleep with us (specifically on top of the blankets AND on top of our feet) he makes sleeping at night very interesting. My boyfriend and I always wake up with funny stories of what Opie did during the night… or didn’t do (such as not moving when we are purposely trying to move him). Loves playing with other dogs and certainly LOVES car rides now. He gets SO EXCITED when we get home it’s actually comical how he acts. We then take him outside and play and run around. Poor dogs with the snow unfortunately it’s a big slip and slide for them.
He has the CUTEST underbite 😂😍
He is still crate training during the day (he did somehow break out the other day) I think we are going to start letting him out here and there to get him used to us not being home and not in his crate.
I cannot believe it’s only been 3 months. He has become such a GREAT dog with a PERFECT personality.

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