Flash – January 2018


Flash is settling in extremely well. He now goes by Gus, short for August; a play off his sister, June and his birthday. He’s come out of his shell more everyday. He’s smart and gentle with an extremely stubborn side. He’s picking up his basic commands pretty quickly. It’s been too cold to take real walks but theres lots of room for us to play inside. I cant wait till this deep freeze is over so Gus can fully enjoy the snow. He LOVES fresh snow. June and Gus started playing together. He’s slowly learning her favorite game; tug of war. He eats very well and has put on some pounds. His diet consists of grain free puppy chow, veggies, salt free broth and some wet food.

Gus is roughly 40 pounds now and we have his DNA results in. He’s an 1/8 of the following breeds: Husky, Rottie, German Shepherd, Aussie Cattle, and Sharpei! Sharpei finally explains the brick shape head! He is also a 25% mix of asian, herding, terrier and hound mix breeds. I knew he was a husky/malamute-type because of the love of snow. I see that many of the Asian breeds are winter dogs.
His sister June has lost almost 5 pounds! Although she is obsese at 40 lbs, her DNA puts her at 25% Aussie Cattle, an 1/8 of White Shepherd & Chow Chow. Shes a 50% mix of Mountian, Gaurd, Sporting, Terrier and Companion mix breeds. Only traces of Terrier?!? What?!? Several large-giant breeds and she still only has 7 inch legs.

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