Rocky – January 2018

Rocky dictated the following for us to send to you:
Wow! Mom and dad say it’s been a whole month since I moved to Henniker. Time flies fast when having fun!
I really love it here! My new mom and dad are really nice. They tell me I’m a good boy a lot! And they give me lots of kisses, pats and lovings. That makes me feel really good. I know all the routines and rules so that makes them really happy. I really feel at home here.
I guess I did do something really bad. At Christmas mom made little tiny chickens and a side dish of stuffing. When mom and dad went to do the evening barn chores, they left me and my brothers and sister alone in the house. I ate all the stuffing out of the bowl on the kitchen counter. I didn’t know that was wrong and they were really mad. I won’t do that again!
I really love my new siblings. Flash and Lucy are a little funny looking. They have really short legs and long ears. My best friend is my older brother Bo (short for Bojangles). He’s a labradoodle like me but golden color. I LOVE playing and doing things with him. He is the best! And he’s very patient with me until I get a little over playful. He’s 10 so I understand.
My favorite things are going to the barn to do chores with mom, dad and Bo and to go for long walks around the farm with dad and Bo. Sometimes Flash and Lucy come too but not always. We go to the barn a lot where I have other friends. I really like Moe, the little goat, except when he tries to head butt me! That’s not fun at all! His sister, Gertie, is really small and maybe a little scared of me which is silly because I just want to be friends. The donkeys always perk up when they see me. The have large ears which stand up when they see me. Mama, one the donkeys, always comes to the fence to say hello and we sniff kiss each other before I run off with dad and Bo for a walk around the pasture and the fields.
There also are 2 ducks which I am fascinated with because I love to chase all the birds around here but mom and dad won’t let me into their enclosure or house. There are also some chickens but they are also enclosed to keep them safe from me and the wild fox and coyote. I smell the fox and coyote tracks and scat but I’ve never seem them. Farm life sure is fun!
There are lots of paths here so I get to run free on walks and we never have to leave the farm. I no longer have to be on a leash like in the beginning. Mom and dad trust me to stay with them. But as soon as mom or dad put on my leash I know to behave. Mom and dad say they’re thankful that someone trained me so well.
Sometimes we all go for rides in the car to do errands which I like but it’s been too cold lately for us dogs to go and be left in the car. Hopefully when it’s not too cold or too hot they’ll take me with them again because I behave very well when left alone or the other dogs in the car.
The winter here is a lot different than where I lived before. One day a lot of white stuff they call snow was falling from the sky. I’d never seen that before! I kept going to the window to see if it was still there. I love playing in the snow. And the cold really doesn’t bother me at all. Dad, Bo and I still go for long walks every day unless it’s super cold. Dad sees me picking up my paws and knows it’s too cold and we quickly go back inside to warm up. But any time of day that dad and mom want to go outside or to do chores, I’m always ready to go too.
That’s about it. I just want to thank you and everyone at Almost Home and Rescue Revolution for getting me out of that place I lived before and into such a great home here in New Hampshire. I love it! Mom and Dad thank you every day too. I am very well loved here and have lots of fun. I feel like the luckiest dog in the world!
With much love and thanks,
Rocky Evans

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