George – March 2018


We can’t believe it’s been a year already! It feels like yesterday, but it also feels like George has always been a part of our lives.

It has been the best year, he is the light of our lives and brings us so much joy every day. He has designated me as ‘his person’ and I feel like he will follow me to the ends of the Earth if that’s where I was going. And he and Jeff are really starting to form a strong bond. He’s already got hundreds (if not thousands haha!) Of hours of hiking and exploring under his belt, hiked a 4000 footer (Mt Madison) and seems to absolutely be loving every minute of it all. In true beagle/terrier fashion he has already caught multiple mice, shrews and voles on our farm. We couldn’t have asked for a better companion.

He absolutely loves the snow and is a true Maine dog now, when we first got him I was so worried because he had NO fur at all on his belly- now it is covered in fur! And actually had a nice thick winter coat to shed this year 😊 It also absolutely amazes me how his legs which looked like little pencils when we got him now look thick and strong.

I think George is a poster dog of adopting a rescue; from the day he came home he has shown us nothing but love and just seems thankful to have a forever home. He doesn’t act up or bark, or chew things he isn’t supposed to. He loves other dogs and plays nicely with them. We are able to have him off leash everywhere, and he knows his basic commands. We are taking him to a dog training class just to brush up our skills, but I think he’ll be the star of the class for sure.

Thank you so much for all your help and all that you do. I have already recommended Almost Home to my friends and family, and my cousin down in Mass actually got her dog from Almost Home too. Also of course have to say again that we never could have made this happen without the help of Mark, he is the true ‘dog whisperer’ and I think is a huge reason George made his transition so easily.

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