Finn – August 2018

Yep, I did type “aloha!”  That is a clue that Finn’s life as a military dependant has involved a few moves.  I realized that I had not sent an update about him the last two years in a row – because we were in the process of moving both years!  Two years ago, we moved from Maine, where Finn joined our family, to Alexandria, Virginia, per the Navy’s orders for my husband to work at the Navy Yard in DC.
Then, just a year later, we were in the process of moving, once again, per the Navy’s orders, to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

Finn has handled the moves in true military dependent style, and rolled with it all.  As long as we are all together as a family, we can handle anything!  While I know he misses the snow, squirrels and groundhogs of Maine, he does seem to enjoy all the scents the Hawaiian tradewinds bring, and is is always on the lookout for a mongoose to chase.

One of Finn’s favorite activities, besides napping on the most comfortable, cushy spot he can find – preferably with one of us as his pillow – is going out for a run.  Fortunately, the weather here is spectacular year-round for outdoor activities like running, so it is easy to make sure he (and we) get exercise 🙂

Finn is truly a part of our family, and we are so grateful to have him in our lives.

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