Everest (Evi) – July 2019


I can’t believe its been a year already!  The days in the beginning with Evi went by painfully slow.  She was literally scared of her own shadow, scared of the rain, scared of the dark, the wind, a leaf, noises (loud or soft), new people…you name it, she was scared of EVERYTHING! 

This picture is of how we were able to interact with her the first week or so.  She would let us pet her as long as she couldn’t see us.  We had to make her a cave to hid in. 

We had to carry her outside and hold her out there on a leash until she finally did her business, the whole while she is just staring at the door to go in.  We started having some very strong doubts that we could be what she needed most, patient!  But like with any newborn (even though she was 8 month when we got her) we kept telling ourselves it won’t last forever!  😊 And we told ourselves the same when she ate the carpet, and the couch and countless shoes (We think that was the terrible twos stage)  And it did get better and she got better and we got better.  Now she’s talks back when you tell her no(teenage years already?), taps you on arm when she wants attention and hogs the bed every night.

She got very comfortable 😊 

And now she is just another child of ours that loves to sit on Daddy lap and snuggle.  She is super smart (in a crafty, sneaky kind of way sometimes), and knows all the basic commands and she can high five.

She’s super goofy and not very graceful most of the time, but boy does she make us laugh.

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