About Almost Home Rescue


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Almost Home Rescue is an all-breed canine rescue group. We are 501 (c) 3 nonprofit, dedicated to saving lives and finding forever homes for stray, abandoned and surrendered dogs, most of which are in high kill shelters. Our policy is to rescue for life and if any of our rescued dogs cannot stay with their adoptive family, they must be returned to Almost Home Rescue and not to a shelter. Most of AHR’s dogs have come from overcrowded shelters in Arkansas and most recently Mississippi; however, we also take dogs from local shelters, veterinarians, and other situations that require rescue. All of our imported dogs arrive with a current Health Certificate, meet Maine and New Hampshire state import and vaccination requirements, are wormed, micro-chipped, and transported on an U.S.D.A. approved transport. We are an all volunteer run organization. All the dogs listed are either still waiting in Arkansas, Tennessee, or Mississippi Shelters, or they are in New England Foster Homes waiting to be adopted. We do not have a physical shelter as we are strictly a dog rescue organization. All of our dogs arrive with a current Health Certificate, are up to date with vaccinations and are transported on an U.S.D.A. approved transport.

Sara left a forever paw print on our hearts. Sara died from complications of Heartworm, a preventable disease. Sara was and is the reason…..

Communication: We prefer e-mail. It is more accessible and you will get a quicker reply; it simplifies the application process as we do most of our application processing and communications via the internet.  It also makes it easier for us to share information with volunteers.

Appointments: We are a shelterless rescue that work thru a network of foster homes. We do not have hours and we work full time jobs. If you would like to make an appointment to see a dog in foster care, please submit an application and once approved, our fosters would be happy to accommodate you. Also, please check out our adoption events for another way to meet the dogs in our care.

LOOKING TO SURRENDER YOUR DOG? Private citizens looking to surrender their dog, should first request assistance from their local shelter. Please do not advertise FREE to good home in the paper or Craig’s list, many of these dogs do not end up in good homes, but meet sad ends. If you are unable to find a safe place for your dog, please e-mail info_ahr@yahoo.com   To be considered; please provide your contact information, pictures of your dog, age, health and vaccination history, behavioral history -including all personality quirks. No dog is perfect, it is important we know all personality information for the dog to be successful in another home environment.