Forever Home Success Stories


Scoop – October 2017

Charlie (fka Scoop) I can’t believe it’s been a whole year with Charlie! It seems not too long ago we were anxiously driving to pick him up, and drove home with a sweet but nervous pup. Charlie has stolen our hearts (and a sizable amount of our bed) since then. He hit it off immediately […]


Penny – October 2017

Penny has been an absolute joy in our lives.  We adopted her about two and a half years ago in February 2015 in Maine, and have had several adventures since then. When we first adopted Penny she was a very timid and fearful, but very sweet pup. She has been a great listener from the […]


Benji – October 2017

Buddy (fka Benji) It is difficult indeed to believe that two weeks ago today, I received a morning email from you letting us know that the special pup we held out for as actually going to be ours. We knew others were interested and that our chances were not awesome…. and it was kind of […]


Stanley – October 2017

Canton (fka Stanley) is doing great!


Creek – September 2017

Smudge (fka Creek) A few short weeks ago, we celebrated her 3rd adoptiversary 🙂 She came to us through AHR from Madison Ark Shelter. She is absolutely the light of our family, and we love her so much. She’s a big fan of swimming in the river, hiking, chasing squirrels/rabbits/birds, playing with anything that squeaks, […]


Hobby – September 2017

Sadie (fka Hobby) and I completed the Manners class with Nancy and we just began Nancy’s Therapy Dog Training Prep class this week. So, yes, a positive experience for both of us. We will see where it leads us. Our biggest hurdle will be curtailing her jumping. Tough one! We hope to stop by the […]


Ana – September 2017

She has won our hearts and is a great dog 🙂


Sebago – September 2017

It had been an amazing year with Sebago and the time has gone by so fast! He has grown into an amazing, fun loving pup. We’ve taught him to shake paws, high-five and give hugs! He loves a good hike, drinking the lake water at Sebago and playing on the beach with other pups! He’s […]


Lady – August 2017

This month, Lady and I celebrate our 4th year as human-canine companions!  Lady hails from Southern Pines Animal Shelter.  She is a Chi/Rat Terrier Mix.  Lady was three-years-old when adopted in August, 2013 as a result of my holding her for hours at Dock Dogs Event in Scarborough, Maine. Lady weighs approximately 15 pounds, and […]


Hadley – August 2017

Hadley is doing great. She is full of fun and I often joke that she is the most ill behaved dog I have ever owned! She is sometimes called Hadley Badly due to this! We love her very much and she brings us many smiles. We live at the lake now and it suits her […]