Forever Home Success Stories


Quartz – February 2018

Hazel (fka Quartz) We are doing great. We didn’t get definitive results from the December blood work. Still elevated numbers in the blood work, but everything else about her (including ultrasounds) showed perfect health. So, we decided to work on her training and hope things improved. I spoke with the man who owns the local Pet […]


Stoney – January 2018

Brody (fka Stoney) is wonderful! He and Iggy are super happy in their new home! We’ve got 2 acres and I couldn’t be more happy with how well Brody sticks around and never pushes the boundaries. He is unbelievably smart and brings so much joy to our home! I feel so fortunate at how lucky […]


Barkley – January 2018

Opie (fka Barkley) Opie is doing amazing, he loves loves loves the snow and playing in it!! Also tends to eat poopcicles 🤨 He currently does not need a leash when outside, he knows his treat routine when coming into the house, he will walk around the house with his bone in his mouth for […]


Lacy – January 2018

Lacy and her dog family. She is truly a wonderful dog, gets along with everyone. Had an incident of chewing yesterday (socks, a wallet, and 3 prenatal pills which we had checked out with the vet, everything a-ok) but after a stern talking to she knew she had been naughty. She has her own dog […]


Flash – January 2018

Flash is settling in extremely well. He now goes by Gus, short for August; a play off his sister, June and his birthday. He’s come out of his shell more everyday. He’s smart and gentle with an extremely stubborn side. He’s picking up his basic commands pretty quickly. It’s been too cold to take real […]


Holly – January 2018

Holly is doing great! We have been to the beach a few times already and I’ve been taking her lots of places to socialize her. She is already very attached to me and she seems to like my son a lot too! We have been to the vet for a check up and she weighed […]


Rocky – January 2018

Rocky dictated the following for us to send to you: Wow! Mom and dad say it’s been a whole month since I moved to Henniker. Time flies fast when having fun! I really love it here! My new mom and dad are really nice. They tell me I’m a good boy a lot! And they […]


Willow – January 2018

She is the world’s best snuggler. Love’s laying by the fire. We can’t keep her out of the water in the summer. You would never know she had a broken leg. She is doing great!


Canis Lupus – January 2018

Not only did we just celebrate our 1 yr adoption anniversary, but tomorrow is Canis Lupus’ 3rd birthday according to the records! He is a total goofball, off leash, wonder dog dream! He goes back to his foster mom, Chelsea’s place, for boarding when we need which is a relationship we are SO grateful for. […]


Bear – December 2017

Last month marked Bear’s fifth year with me. Boy, I never thought I’d adore a dog again as much as I adored my old Lab…but Bear has earned every bit of that adoration! He is such a good soul. Currently he’s out in the snow and cold, protecting the neighborhood from interloping wildlife. We’ve taken […]