Forever Home Success Stories


Lucy – July 2018

Lucy is great!!  We really did luck out with her.  We took her to obedience classes over the last year and she ended up passing the canine good citizen test (although we’ve been slacking on her skills since we stopped going to class).  She has a great temperament.  She goes to Doggie daycare once or twice […]


Roxanne – April 2018

Our Cajun rescue has now been with us for one month.  She has impressed us with how quickly she has learned her invisible fence boundaries as well as her rocket like speed in running within them.  She is smart, beautiful and just loves attention.  We cannot imagine life without her and feel so lucky to […]


Sheeran – March 2018

We adopted Mowgli (Sheeran) two weeks ago and he has been doing great. His first week he was a little shy, but that didn’t hold him back from cuddling. He’s already starting to open up and loves going on walks and going to the dog park. He is also getting along great with his doggy […]


Juney – March 2018

March 23rd was Juney’s 6 year anniversary! She is doing great! Cassi is now 13 and she and Juney cuddle in the dog bed together even though they each have their own bed! Juney is still the sweetest little girl, she’s such a loving and happy dog and we love her so much. She still sleeps […]


George – March 2018

We can’t believe it’s been a year already! It feels like yesterday, but it also feels like George has always been a part of our lives. It has been the best year, he is the light of our lives and brings us so much joy every day. He has designated me as ‘his person’ and […]


Sammy – March 2018

Sammy, freshly groomed and loving life in his new home!


Remus – February 2018

I adopted Remus 3 1/2 years ago, and a better boy has never existed!  Also known as Roo for his ability to effortlessly jump into people’s laps in a single motion, he is loved by all who meet him!  


Quartz – February 2018

Hazel (fka Quartz) We are doing great. We didn’t get definitive results from the December blood work. Still elevated numbers in the blood work, but everything else about her (including ultrasounds) showed perfect health. So, we decided to work on her training and hope things improved. I spoke with the man who owns the local Pet […]


Stoney – January 2018

Brody (fka Stoney) is wonderful! He and Iggy are super happy in their new home! We’ve got 2 acres and I couldn’t be more happy with how well Brody sticks around and never pushes the boundaries. He is unbelievably smart and brings so much joy to our home! I feel so fortunate at how lucky […]


Barkley – January 2018

Opie (fka Barkley) Opie is doing amazing, he loves loves loves the snow and playing in it!! Also tends to eat poopcicles 🤨 He currently does not need a leash when outside, he knows his treat routine when coming into the house, he will walk around the house with his bone in his mouth for […]