Featured Dog for Adoption – Meegan (fka Delia!)


Meet -Delia in Maine!

Meegan (formerly Delia) is super smart! This sweet petite terrier mix is a GREAT hiker and loves swimming in the ocean or playing in a stream. She is crate trained but would like to spend as much time in your presence as possible. Meegan is very food/treat motivated so that can help with training. She loves mini carrots as a cheap healthy treat for training.

She’s a great dog! Super loving and comical! She is very loyal and loving but also independent. She is a cuddle bug and a couch potato as long as she gets some exercise. Meegan likes to be vocal and make her presence known. She is a big dog in an adorable little dog’s body!

Meegan prefers female humans, but does warm up to men fairly quickly. She is not a fan of small children, so needs a family with no children, or older ones.

With slow introductions, Meegan makes friends with other dogs and will play with them. Care should be taken in introducing her to unfamiliar dogs as she may challenge them, although if they show no interest she will back down. She would be an excellent companion for someone with another dog who likes to play and is active, or as an only pup. Meegan is a bit of a toy hog. She enjoys being social but really blooms in a one on one relationship. She does well traveling. She’s a good couch/reading buddy and would sleep in the bed if you let her and burrow under the covers.

Strong boundaries and rules make her the happiest and most successful. She would enjoy a household that is not too busy. Meegan is just a strong willed little lady with a huge heart and little legs!

Meegan (formerly Delia) is 8 years old (born 5/27/11) and 32 lbs. She was returned to AHR due to a change in her former home. She is a fairly high-energy dog so she will need regular exercise to stay happy and healthy. Her ideal home would be with an active family who has a fenced yard and another dog to play with. Could you be the home for her?