How to Foster


Have you ever wanted to do something that really made a difference? Giving a homeless dog a temporary home changes the life of that dog forever. Most times these animals are one step away from being euthanized! The stories of their lives can be heart wrenching, but you can help to give them a happy ending.

In order for us to save lives and find homes, we need your help. The only way that we can continue to save these wonderful animals is with great volunteers who are willing to open up their hearts and their homes and give them a temporary place of safety, security, love, and training until they can be transported to forever homes.  Once at the forever homes, they will be wanted and loved for the rest of their lives and never have to worry again about the possibility of starving on the streets, living with a cruel and abusive owner, or being brought to a “shelter” only to face euthanasia well before their time.

If a foster dog needs further veterinary care, you may be asked to bring  him directly or arrange for a pick up, but you will not be responsible for the expenses. Your commitment will be to give the dog the best temporary home that you can.

Some dogs need to be housebroken, some dogs need medication, and other dogs need to be crate trained. Every dog has different needs. Are you still interested? If so, please complete the foster application to express your interest. Someone from AHR will contact you to give you more information.

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SPECIAL foster opportunity to make a BIG difference!

Almost Home Rescue is also looking for a few “special” foster homes to help with a few of the adult dogs who have been at some of our shelters for years with very little to no attention.  They have forgotten kindness, socialization skills, housetraining, and love. They need to learn how to play, interact with others, and learn manners. Once they settle in, they act like any other normal dog, but most arrive without any manners or even know how to go up stairs. We need dog savvy people who can help them to become the dog we know they are. They need homes, and our foster home volunteers are their stepping stones to getting them the love and the life they deserve. Please fill out a foster application if this sounds like the job for you!