Pet Memorial Donations

 All donations are tax deductible.


In memory of Lucky, beloved rescue kitty of Judy George.

Barbara Fecteau

In loving memory of Reilly, who came from Wynne Shelter in March 2007 as “Jewel”, the black mix puppy. Reilly was a happy and much loved girl all her life.

Julie Jaquiss-Collins


In memory of Baxter (adopted as “Dale” in 2006, one of AHR’s first transports from Marion, Arkansas), who crossed over the Rainbow Bridge in April 2018. The best dog we could ever ask for!

Emily Helliesen

In memory of Jax – Beloved family member of Sue & Don Stack. A great dog who will be dearly missed.

Jean Forgues

In loving memory of Fred Tetreault – a good boy who will be forever loved and  missed by his family.

Margaret Haskell

In memory of Fred – Much loved family member of the Tetreault Family.

Jeannie & Ron Forgues

In memory of sweet Nixie – a sweet and gentlemanly old soul.

Jeannie & Ron Forgues

In loving memory of Charlie – so loved by the Clement Family and all who knew him.

The Haskell Family

In memory of Johnna Ward’s sweet Coco.

The Ward & Harvey Families

In memory of Sugar, a most beloved dog.

Jennifer Jain

In loving memory of dear Hank, our daughter Rachel’s beloved boy.

Emily and Al Bugbee

In memory of Abigail “Peanut” & Mortimer “The Baby Shepherd”

Donna DePasquale

In loving memory of Kirby  – beloved member of the Forgues Family

Marilyn Pierce

In loving memory of Mason – beloved boy of the Fearon-Alley-Kenney families

Pamela Alley

In loving memory of Mason Sawyer,taken too soon but always & forever in our hearts. Loved by all, sweet baby boy. We miss you so much!

Love, the Fearon-Alley-Kenney families

In loving memory of Kirby, beloved boy of the Forgues Family

Margaret Haskell

In loving memory of Kirby, who was loved by all but especially his people; Jeannie, Ron and Danielle

Jeremy Washington

In loving memory of Blackie

Jeannie and Ron Forgues


In memory of Greta, in honor of Tina and Larry who loved her very much

Torey King

In loving memory of Rudy, beloved  boy of the Mina Family

Margaret Haskell

In memory of Freckles, the Red Heeler adopted in 2014

Dick Maguire

In memory of Bet, beloved companion and Agility Champion of Barb Swartzlander

Barb Fecteau

In loving memory of Sugar – A Good Dog!

Jane Vachon

In loving memory of Sam and Chase

Julie and Jim Pietrocarlo

In loving memory of Buddy

John and Karen Coughlin

In loving memory of Caesar Veilleux – He loved the Veilleux family and they loved him!

Margaret and Don Cooper

In loving memory of Maggie Harris – Sweetest English Bulldog ever!

Jeannie and Ron Forgues

In honor of my friend, Jessica Dolce, and in memory of her beloved beagle, Birdie, adopted from AHR in 2008. 

Toby Kilgore

In loving memory of Birdie, adopted from AHR in 2008. Deeply missed and forever in our hearts.

Jessie Dolce and Brian Clark

In loving memory of Jed – best friend, great love and loyal companion to Nikki Theriault

Margaret Haskell

In memory of Dusty, Jessielynn and Keeper, my beautiful fur nieces and nephew. Loving fur babies of Diane Fecteau
Barbara A. Fecteau


In loving memory of Jessie Lynn Fecteau, owned by Diane Fecteau
Linda Fecteau

In memory of Samee (formerly known as Sundance of Lone Pine – adopted 2008) He was truly loved and will always be missed by his family.

Jim and Fran Heath

In memory of Gidget, loved and missed by the Falconieri Family

Margaret Haskell

In loving memory of our little man, Shiloh


In memory of sweet Molly of the Miller Family of Yarmouth, Maine. Molly was such a special girl who loved life and spread happiness to those around her. She will be dearly missed and fondly remembered.

Anthony Mastreani

In honor and memory of my cousin’s dog, Emma Slocum Young                                                         

Martin Walsh

In loving memory of Sweet Dusty, owned by Diane Fecteau
Linda Fecteau

For Rick and Celeste Glover, in memory of your beloved bassets, Buckley and Sam
Wayne and Chandra Mello

In memory of Marvin, who was rescued and loved by Judy George
Barbara Swartzlander

For Fury, who has always been so loved by Dan and Sue Davidson, and will continue to be loved forever, even in memory
Bethany Woodsome

In Memory of Marvin, who belonged to Judy George
Linda Fecteau

In Memory of Marvin, who belonged to Judy George
Diane Fecteau

In Memory of Marvin, who belonged to Judy George
Wayne Mello

In Memory of Cabella and Maddox, who belonged to Bethany and Cory Woodsome
Daniel Davidson, Maine

In Memory of Little Monty, who belonged to Sue and Harvey Gerry
Georgia Funsten, California

In memory of Sam
The Ruothier Family

In memory of Sam
Hannah (Waller) Dahlgren

In memory of Harry & Reese (Haskell)
Bill and Ann Lackey

In Memory of Lily
Susan Moberg

In Memory of Aspen
The Larose Family

In Memory of Gomali 1995-2012
Diane Bright

In Memory of Elvis Hecker
Julia Caldwell

In Memory of Sage
Gail & Fred Ribeck

In Memory of Scarlet
Jane M. Vachon

In Memory of Sheila
Alice and Berl Winston