Transport Information


Please note: It is illegal in in the states of Maine and New Hampshire for any dog or puppy to get off any transport within those states and go directly to the adopter.  

**All AHR dogs are quarantined in foster care prior going to their homes in Maine and New Hampshire.  New Hampshire Law RSA 437 requires that any dog who has been imported into New Hampshire be held at in an approved quarantine facility for 48 hours, and obtain a new New Hampshire Health Certificate.  This law went into effect Aug 4, 2012.   The state of Maine requires a 2 or 5 day quarantine depending on the age of the dog.  AHR follows all state rules and regulations.**

Adoptive Homes in Maine and NH:  You will be picking your dogs up from a foster home after your dog/puppy has been quarantined for the appropriate amount of days.  (Maine: minimum 48 hours if 6 months old, 5 days under six months old.   New Hampshire requires a 2 day hold for dogs fostered there.   Your adoption coordinator will put you in touch with your new family members foster home.

Foster dogs will be scheduled when foster homes are available and transport space permits (we have listed a few dogs below who are looking for foster homes – please consider helping one of these sweet dogs find his/her forever home).